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As I venture out onto the Internet to learn more about my favorite comic book artists, I keep coming across websites that look unprofessional, outdated, or some that are just plain terrible. (Say what you will about Rob Liefeld’s artwork, but he at least has a pretty professional looking website — pictured above.)These artists clearly have more talent in their little finger than I have in my entire body and I think that they should have a web presence that appropriately showcases their talents. This could be something as simple as James Jean’s minimalist portfolio, in which he lets the work speak for itself, or something more like Marvel or DC‘s sites, where they have the art take up the majority of the page. After the jump is a list of some of my favorite comic book artists and screenshots of their websites. Are there any that I missed?!

The Pretty Good

Jeff Lemire – http://jefflemire.blogspot.com/

Mike Mignola – http://www.artofmikemignola.com/

Paul Pope – http://pulphope.blogspot.com/

Bryan Lee O’Mally – http://www.radiomaru.com/

Andy Runton – http://www.andyrunton.com/

The Not Horrible

JH Williams III – http://www.jhwilliams3.com/

Frank Miller – http://www.frankmillerink.com/

Alex Ross – http://www.alexrossart.com/

John Cassaday – http://www.johncassaday.com/

Fabio Moon and Gabriel Ba – http://fabioandgabriel.blogspot.com/

Todd McFarlane – http://www.spawn.com/

Jeff Smith – http://www.boneville.com/

Amy Reeder Hadley- http://www.tentopet.com/

Eric Powell – http://www.thegoon.com/

David Petersen – http://www.davidpetersen.net/

The Really Bad

Glen Fabry – http://www.glennfabry.co.uk/

George Perez – http://www.george-perez.com/

Neal Adams – http://www.nealadams.com/

John Byrne – http://www.byrnerobotics.com/

Darwyn Cooke – http://darwyncooke.blogspot.com/

Alan Davis – http://www.alandavis-comicart.com/

Robert Crumb – http://www.crumbproducts.com/

The Publishers

Marvel – http://marvel.com/

DC – http://www.dccomics.com/dccomics/

Dark Horse – http://www.darkhorse.com/

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  1. Comment by: Rob McCue
    Posted on: 18th Oct 2011

    I am in full agreement. I’m an artist myself struggling with making a good site. Currently it feels a bit too cluttered, which is really easy to get jammed up in.

    Thanks for this, I’ve seen a few of these before but having a list of what to avoid doing and what is halfway decent. Very helpful.

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